SpyTec GPS Tracker Review 2022 Monthly Fees & Plans – Pros and Cons

SPYTEC GPS TRACKER REVIEW 2022 , spy tec gps tracker pros and cons.

In this post you are going to learn everything you need to know about the spy tec gps tracker.

The SpyTec GPS tracker is as simple as 1-2-3 to operate. After buying the tracker, charge it’s battery, then set up your Spytec GPS account to hook up to it’s web of satellites for worldwide reach.

Log in to the spy-tec app to view your GPS tracker’s location in real-time detailed tracking, get alerts, other different settings and features and analyse the complete location history.

Make payment by inputting your credit card details for the deduction of monthly charges, then review the account if the above steps have been followed properly.

There is a small unit on the device that allows you keep tabs on people, vehicles, or other key “assets.” The tracker is simple to use, offers intricate information, and it has a recharging battery that gets up to two weeks of usage per charge. Accessories also help you lengthen it’s range significantly.

Within the GPS receiver is a quad band GPRS/GM Sam radio that reaches the 850/900/1200/and 1900 MHz frequencies. All you need do is charge up the unit, put it on, and place it with whatever it is you want to track. The system will do the rest of the work.

The real time SpyTec GPS Tracker has a geo-fence functionality. It lets you set up a confine within which movement is allowed.

As soon as the device comes in or goes out that area, it will send notification to your computer, tablet, or smartphone . Though this depends on the settings you use.

The SpyTec GPS tracker is a portable real-time GPS tracker that is tight with avant garde technology. It is an efficient device that allows you keep tabs on your fiance, kids, partner and valuables all in real-time.

Thanks to its small size, it can be easily attached onto valuables or slip into handbags or backpacks, and you can keep track of its position in real-time with the aid of Google maps for $25 a month.

Some of the lovely things about this device is that there are no opt-out fees or pin down contracts. You’ll also get an email notice when the tracker goes beyond a certain area and you will get all of this for a very reasonable price.

The SpyTec GPS tracker comes with an on-demand location display and good battery life, so you need not to bother about charging it every night.

Its rugged build can stand up to regular wear and tear, and its impervious case allows it tag along on native summer trips.

Apart from being one of the most cost-effective GPS trackers in the market, it’s also one of the most effective.

You can customize it’s location update intervals, putting them to be as periodic as every five seconds or as irregular as every minute.

It also allows you to clink the device by-hand as needed, which is a splendid way to picture the device’s location in between those frequent updates.

You can also decide to set up computerized zones, called geofences, around spots like the home or children’s school, and get an alert whenever the tracker gets in or exits them.

SpyTec is one of the best GPS trackers, because of its powerful tracking ability, highly accurate, as well as feature-rich, and it’s a good choice if you want a strong tracker and you don’t mind the monthly charge.

Features of the SpyTec GPS Tracker


Made by Queclink, it weighs 2.11 ounces, but it has a sturdy construction that doesn’t feel cheap. A green indicator light on the front of the device blinks when you’re receiving a GPS signal.

The left side features a mini USB port, with a cover that’s easy to open, while the right side features a SIM card slot. You can remove the SIM card, though the slot is held shut with two raised screws that jut out from the casing; which includes a mini-Phillips head screwdriver for the opening the slot. Along with the screwdriver, you’ll also get a charging cable that you can plug into a wall outlet.

It isn’t waterproof on its own, though you can buy a $30 waterproof case for the device from Spytec.

Service Plans and Warranty

The biggest knock against this device is the price of its data. While the $150 price tag for the unit itself compares nicely to other devices, monthly data plans start at $25 and go as high as $45 a month. In contrast, the $140 Trackimo GPS Tracker has no monthly fee for the first year after you buy the device, with just a $5 monthly service fee after that; the Spot Gen3 tracker costs $15 a month.

Spytec GPS tracker review

What’s more, the different tiers of spy tec data plans are essentially the same, with the only major difference being the frequency the device sends updates.

The $25-a-month Basic plan has an update frequency of 1 minute, while the top-of-the-line $45-a-month Elite plan refreshes every 5 seconds. That’s a hefty premium to pay to shave off 55 seconds.

Spytec GPS tracker has a one-year warranty.


Rain, wind or any weather cannot affect the performance of the spy tec GPS.

Real-time GPS Tracking

The feature of real-time gps tracking is also available on this GPS tracking platform (Spytec).

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Spytec App

The web app works on any smartphone and tablet making it very convenient to track..The web app also has many great features!

The Phone app is also very easy to set up and it’s UI not bad at all.

Works okay and has phantom movements sometimes and the telephone app, though not that strong.

However, when the battery is working it works great, at least as long as the location is on google maps.

A few of these desirable features will be added in updates to their website and devices in the future.

The app works fine very fine, which can be test run almost everyday to see where it “thinks” my car is and it’s always close enough that if it was stolen, it wouldn’t be hard to find.

The tracking service uses Google maps/earth/satellite, which is an added feature.

You can also get real-time updates, although it may be a minute or so behind the actual device location, but not a bad thing if you are trying to stay out of site.


The accuracy of the Spytec is excellent, often zeroing on location down to within just a few yards, even indoors. Its refresh rate — a minute, at most — is also better than what a lot of other GPS trackers provide.

Crucially, there’s no capability to make one- or even two-way calls with the device.

Spytec tracking device

High-tech tracking at your fingertips: The information from the tracker can be followed on any device from computers (including both Mac and PCs) to tablets or mobile phones via the SpyTec GPS platform.

The service also tracks activity records for up to a year, delivering customizable reports What can track speed, time, and position across Google Maps. You can also set up several alerts, which can be delivered via text message or email, alerting you when the device breaks a certain speed, starts or stops moving, is low on battery, or even enters or leaves certain areas.

The unit’s battery that lasts two weeks with continuous use or longer if only used periodically. As previously mentioned there are also add ons you can purchase.The battery pack pictures above is regularly $249.95 but is on sale for under $200. They increase the battery life to six months per charge!


Battery Life

The device runs on a rechargeable battery that lasts a while. Spytec promises up to two weeks of battery life depending on usage, and we got about 12 days when using the device somewhat regularly. That compares favorably to Trackimo, which gave me two days of solid use, and is in line with the five days of steady use I got from the Spot Gen3.

Top-class accuracy

GPS satellite technology ensures a tight fix on the tracker’s location for unsurpassed accuracy. In addition, the 3-axis accelerometer improves accuracy with motion detection.


The device can be used for work vehicles.

Great product to miles for audit purposes.

No need to put under the car.

Works perfectly than expected, even in rural areas. It connectivity is very strong and it has a wide range.

Has many good features, that can be accessed by those that live in rural or urban areas.

You have no doubt concerning its capacity, effectiveness and efficiency.

Easy install

It can be easily installed by anyone, it also comes with a manual.


The pocket-friendly device is only a little larger than a matchbox and can be discreetly placed nearly anywhere. The waterproof magnetic case (not included) allows for the tracker to be placed (or hidden) underneath vehicles.

Weight: 8 ounces.

100% satisfaction, 30 day hassle free return policy from SpyTec.


Near real time location

It works very splendid, even to the point of coverage in the backwoods areas.

It performes like any one would hope it would, even in places known for weak signals.

The location accuracy is very good give or take about 50 ft. Of actual location, and this can occur even in areas where broadband coverage has historically been good.

The accuracy of the GPS is excellent, down to within 15 feet.

Location tracking was off by several feet, like 100.

Spy tec connection

It provides just the right coverage for every need and stays updated as often as its information stated.

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Appropriate for tracking vehicles

Want to track your cars, trailers, motorcycle, or any other vehicles, you might need the help of Spytec GPS.

Battery powered

It has an in-built battery that can last for many months.

Swappable between vehicles

Firm magnetic mount that allows it to be removed without damaging the vehicle

Compact design

The design of this tracker is awesome.

Anti-theft multifunction

Can track your loved ones and valuables easily

State-of-the-art GPS satellite and cell technology

Access via Mac, PC, tablet, laptop or smartphone (iOS/Android)

SOS button that can set to call multiple contacts in case of an emergency

Uses Satellite Connection To Determine Location

The GPS tracker determines the whereabouts of its targets through a satellite connection.

Using the SpyTec GPS tracking platform, you can receive the location details of your targets right on your smartphone or tablet screen.

With such cool features, is there any wonder why these babies are flying off of store shelves?


Appropriate for tracking people

The spy-tec gps trackers are not only for properties, it can be also used to track people.

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Size of Spytec GPS Tracker

Comes in very handy sizes that can be put in a child’s backpack. They are very portable.

The size is perfect.Small enough to hide, big enough to manage.

A lot of their customers love it’s hardiness

Appropriate for tracking valuables

If you want to track valuable properties of yours, then the spy tec gps trackers are one the best you buy.

Spytec GPS Tracker Price

It’s pretty accurate and at a very great price.

Spytec trackers are unique in the market, so most buyers are usually astonished at its affordability.

It’s worth every penny.

Pros & Cons of Spy Tec GPS Tracker

  • Accuracy is solid
  • Sturdy construction
  • Excellent battery life
  • Reasonable purchase price
  • Can relay alerts to multiple people via email or cellphone
  • High monthly data cost
  • No standalone app
  • Requires an additional waterproof case
  • No ability to make 1 or 2-way calls, or emergency calls with the device

The high cost of data, added with the lack of a staunch mobile app undermines the allure of the Spytec tracker.

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In a vacuum, its accuracy and battery life would dazzle, but when you start to contrast its current cost and component set to compete with other GPS trackers, you grasp the Spot Gen3 provides a more sturdy product for experimentation, while the Trackimo has more alluring service plan costs.

Overall, the SpyTec Real Time GPS Tracker is a really good get for those who never want to lose something they hold dear to their hearts, be it their belongings, but more importantly, their kinfolk.

It’s handy, can conveniently be attached to a vehicle, to children’s backpacks, an elderly relative’s belt, so as to your golf clubs. Not to mention, it’s monthly subscriptions are quite affordable and the device itself is reasonably priced, it isn’t a wrong investment either.

It is such an invaluable little real time GPS tracker. It is no wonder that they are flying off the shelves of supermarkets and big stores.

If you have any questions about Spytec tracker, leave a comment below.

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