Spy tec sti GL300 Mini Portable Real Time Personal and Vehicle GPS Tracker [4G LTE] Review

Spy tec sti gl300 mini portable real time personal and vehicle gps tracker review 2020.

This article will explain in full details, all that you really need to know about the Spytec sti gl300 GPS tracker.

Kindly note that the 2019 version (gl300ma) is not better than the previous one.

I know of a friend who bought the tracker they released in 2019 and complained a lot until i later told him to get the previous version and he saw a lot of difference.

Without much ado, let’s talk on the subject matter, the reason why you are here. The pros and cons of Spytech sti tracking device will be outlined in this post.

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Features of Spy tec sti gl300 GPS Tracker

Below are the characteristics of the Spytec sti gl300 4G LTE tracker.

1. Warranty: You are getting an unconditional lifetime warranty after purchasing it. So, you can return it anytime you want to.

2. Battery Life: The battery can last for up to 2.5 weeks and also comes with extended battery packs that can last for six months.

3. 4G LTE Network: It works with 4G technology, which makes it pretty fast for tracking.

4. Real-time Tracking: Track in real time with the help of 4G satellite technology to get an accurate location on your tablet, phone or computer.

Spy tec sti gl300 GPS tracker

5. Size: It is 3 inches tall and 0.58 inches thick.

6. Customer service: You are to be able to contact them for free in case you have any problems or questions, their support works 24/7.

7. Waterproof: The tracker comes along with a magnetic waterproof case.

8. Boundary Setting: You can set boundaries on the map to know when the tracker enters or leaves that particular area.

9. Get Alerts: You are able to get notifications through email or SMS.

10. Fully Secure: Spytec does not store your information and all data are fully encrypted to prevent hackers.

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Additional Information About The Personal & Vehicle Tracker

∅ The price of this product from Spytec is on the link we have provided .

∅ Once your tracker has been delivered to you, the next thing to do is to activate it and start monitoring. You should also set how you want to receive notifications (via text or email).

∅ Watch your real-time location from your smartphone, computer or tablet every 5 seconds.

∅ No fee for cancellation and activation of the tracker (free).

∅ It helps to protect your assets from theft and can be attached to your car, trailer, toolbox or even human.

∅ No data fees is attached.

∅ It comes along with a belt hoster, hardwire kit, waterproof magnetic case and extended battery packs that can last for up to 6 months of use.

∅ The tracker may be small but it has a lot of features that you are going to like.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Spytec Gl300 Tracking Device

These are the questions that are being asked by Spytec’s customers all the time on the Spytec sti gl300 GPS tracker. I have answered all of them.

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Does It Work With Only 4G?

It does work perfectly on 4G LTE connection, but what if you are in a place that has does not have any 4G.

According to the manufacturer, it’s going fall back to 2G network.

Can It Be Hardwired To A Vehicle?

Yes, it can. You are going to use the hardwire kit that comes along with the whole tracking devices.

Do I Get A SIM Card With It?

No, you would have to purchase that by yourself after getting your tracker. You should make sure the SIM is 2G or 4G before buying.

How Often Do I Charge The Device?

I believe you should charge it every week (once a week) and make sure it’s not overcharged.

If you don’t make use of it, then you could charge it 2-3 times a month.

Are There Any Monthly Fees Attached?

Yes, there are monthly fees and they have different plans.

Each plan has different features and price, so you can start with the smallest one if you are new to Spytec.

Pros & Cons Of Spytec Sti Tracker

  • Has a lot of features
  • No activation fees
  • Text or mail alerts available
  • Subscription fees are affordable
  • You can use one spytec account for more than one tracking device
  • Real time tracking feature works perfectly
  • Can be connected to a phone, tablet or computer
  • May not work in rural areas
  • Does not come along with a SIM card
  • Subscription is not easy to cancel

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Do you have any questions you have in mind? Drop your comment below and expect a reply from me very soon.

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