Radio Shack Tracking Devices For Cars in 2022

Radio shack tracking device and gps accessories for cars in 2022 .

If you’re a new or old customer of radio shack, then you need to read this post to see radishack review on GPS devices.

Radioshack has a lot of car accessories like:

  • Car audio connectors,
  • Car power adapters and inverters,
  • Mobile device car chargers,
  • Cell phone mounts,
  • Jump starter
  • And GPS tracker accessories.

Their official website and online store os located at

Now you should know that doesn’t sell GPS trackers, they only sell the accessories.

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List of Radio Shack Tracking Devices For Cars

I have done in depth research and i discovered 4 GPS accessories for cars from radioshack that you can use.

See the name, image, price and features below.

1. Universal 5″ GPS Carrying Case

RadioShack GPS carrying case 5 inch.

This case can be used to carry your GPS tracker. It is 4.8 – 5 inch wide and is from gigaware.

This GPS case has a flap that is made of magnetic materials so as to prevent the GPS receiver from falling out and keep the case closed.

There is also a small hand strap that you can use to easily carry it. The black stitching on it adds elastic sides that makes it fit and have a luxurious feel.

2. Universal GPS Dash Mount

Radioshack tracking device for cars

Not every GPS device for cars comes with a mount when you buy them. Note that suction mount is not supplied.

You can use it to mount tge tracker on your car.

The GPS is going to remain stable even when you hit the brake, accelerate or even make turns while driving your car.

Another cool benefit is that, it keeps the power cable for your tracker out of the way while driving.

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3. Universal 4.3″ GPS Carrying Case

4.3 inch GPS carrying case

This is yet another tracking device carrying case from gigaware and sold by radioshack.

You can carry your GPS wherever you go. This is quite different from the first accessory i mentioned earlier in this article due to the size (width).

It is perfect for most GPS receivers with a 4.3 inch screen. It is durable, stylish and also helps your GPS to be ready for navigation.

4. Universal Car Power Adapter For GPS & Mobile With 5 Tips

Shack GPS Power Adapter

This power adapter is not only for tracking devices, it can also be used for your mobile phone.

The Universal connections are included so you can charge virtually any GPS system.

You can asily charge your GPS  from the cigarette lighter. Includes 5 different connectors that are compatible with the popular GPS systems.

  • Input: DC12~24V
  • Output: 5V/2A
  • Output Port: 1 USB
  • (support BC1.2 and Apple mode function)
  • Output Ripple < 150mVp-p at full load
  • With Blue LED Indicator
  • Over Current Protected
  • Over Voltage Protected
  • Over Temperature Protected

Other features of this power adapter includes:

♦ 90-degree mini USB for Garmin

♦ 180-degree miniUSB for Garmin Mini

♦ USB for TomTom

♦ DC connector for most TomTom

♦ DC connector for most Magellan

Radioshack Pros & Cons

  • Fast shipping with no delays.
  • You can order up to 72 items for each product.
  • Can be easily contacted.
  • Returns and warranties available [30 days].
  • Not all products are in stock.

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