Petfon GPS Tracker: Review, Features, Pros and Cons 2022

Petfon GPS Tracker: Review, Features, Pros and Cons
Taking out your pet for a walk is one of the best ways to keep it healthy and strong.

Apart from the medical benefits of walking with your pet on the road, there is this joy attached to the fact that your pet is worthy of being seen and being admonished by other passersby.

But do you know that engaging your dog in outdoor activities which is supposed to be a fun-filled session could turn out to be a regrettable and forgettable one?

Dogs and other pets can be so active that they could dash out of your sight in less than a second and won’t be able to find them any longer.

This is why you are advised to provide maximum security for pets whenever you are engaging them in any outdoor activities that require running from one distance to another.

One of the best ways to provide topnotch security for your pooch is by making use of Petfon GPS Tracker.

You might want to ask “What’s Petfon GPS Tracker and Its features””Why is it recommended (pros)””what are its cons” “How does it work” and where can I get it?”

All your worries will be put to bed by the time you are done reading every bit of this write-up.

We will do justice to all the questions above and we will unveil other things you should know about the Petfon GPS tracker. We’ve had so much for the intro, let’s get down to business!

What’s All About The Petfon GPS Tracker?

Petfon GPS Tracker is an optimized Tracking device that helps you keep close watch over your dog. With this security tool, you can keep track of your dog’s movement to know if he’s near or far from your vicinity.

Though this tracker isn’t designed to be used for too many indoor purposes, it still helps in making sure you are notified as soon as your dog is going towards danger or restricted zone.

It functions more effectively in crowded urban settlements where there are multiple Wi-Fi hotspots and other wireless access points (WAP) which help allows the tracker to lay hands on quick information about a certain location.

How does it work?

Petfon GPS consists of two modules which are the tracker and the control terminal.

The tracker is more or less like a collar which will be worn by your pet while you are expected to hold the control terminal which is also known as the Petfon mobile app that must be installed on your Smartphone or PC.

The tracker will send a real-time update to your mobile phone via the app, notifying of your pet’s activities, current location and the gap existing between the two of you.

One of the impressive facts about this tracker is that it doesn’t require the presence Sim card or mobile phone network signal to perform its tracking duties — thanks to the use of the original LoPowan wireless transmission technology.

Features of Petfon GPS Tracker

  • E-fence

Petfon helps in keeping close tabs on your pet and gives you the best opportunity to know what your pet is up to as you will be notified of his every move.

But that’s not all about this device, with its E-fence feature, you can determine the places you want your pet to go by setting up the safe range.

Once that’s done, you will be alerted as soon as the pet steps in or out of the location you set as ‘safe range’ This feature also allows you to set up dangerous zone, which means the Petfon app will give a warning alarm as soon as your pet gets closer to the location set as dangerous zone.

Note: that E-fence is often referred to as ‘Geofence’ in other tracking devices.

  • Light-enabled Alarm System

This feature is mostly useful at night as it will help you locate your pet in the dark. The Tracker — through the terminal controller in your hand —consists of 11-colour LED Light which will help you view your pet in the dim.

You are advised to enable this feature so that the LED light can be displayed automatically whenever it is sounding an alarm in the dark.

  • Loud and Customizable Alarm Sound

What’s the essence of an alert that no one will hear? This is why the engineers who developed the device ensure that the tracker can boast of a very loud alarm sound that will go as high as 70 decibels.

A short beep sound is enough to capture your attention while you have the luxury of choosing the kind of sound that suits your taste.

  • Customizable Voice Command

This is one feature that will wow all pet owners. You can command your pet using the Petfon Tracker, thanks to this lovely feature.

Record the message you want to pass across to your pet, and then play it to its hearing — that’s all. You can record multiple voice commands while you play any of them whenever situations call for it.


  • It Is Durable:

No one wants to get a product that won’t stand the test of time, and knowing this in mind, the manufacturing company ensure that the Tracker is made with state-of-the-art equipments that can resist dust.

It will interest you to know that Petfon GPS Tracker was tested on countless occasions to confirm its strength against water and dust before being released to the public.

  • It Enhances Long Tracking Distance:

Petfon GPS Tracker supports long tracking distance as it combines both Laser Carving Antenna and LoPowan wireless transmission technologies in order to provide quality service.

If you stay in an urban environment where there can be lots of obstructions between you and your pet, you can be rest assured that the product will function perfectly even if you are 0.65 mile (1.05km) away from your pet.

In the same vein, Petfon GPS Tracker can reach close 3.5 mile (5.6km) if you reside in a sub-urban area where there are little or no obstructions between you and your pet.

  • It Is Portable: The tracking device is very much portable that your pet won’t be discomforted wearing it all day.
  • It Boasts of High Water Resistivity: It’s made with water-proof materials which further enhance its longevity and durability. However, your pet shouldn’t wear the device while swimming.
  • It Possesses Gorgeous and Safety-first Design: It has a very smooth appearance which makes it very safe for your pet. Little children can also make use of the tracker as a result of its safety-first measures.
  • It Has a Relatively Strong Battery Life:

Its battery life is relatively strong as it can last for 16 hours (at most) per full charge. However, the rate of battery consumption largely depends on the distance between you and your pet. Interestingly, Petfon tracker comes with a compact charging box, meaning you can recharge the device without any hassle.

  • No Monthly or Hidden Charges:

Unlike many trackers that require monthly payment, Petfon GPS Tracker is absolutely free. No hidden charges, just download the app and keep updating it.


  • It is quite expensive

Where To Get It

It’s currently available on Amazon. You can also get at any other e-commerce store. Just Google search it and you will see multiple results.

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