How To Hide A GPS Tracker On A Car Easily in 2020

How to Hide a GPS Tracker on a Car Easily in 2020.

This post will show you ways to place a gps tracker on a car without anyone knowing.

A GPS tracker is a manoeuvring device usually available or attached on a moving vehicle or animal, using GPS to trail the device’s motion and determine it’s locale or position.

The taped location input can be stored within the tracking unit, which is displayed against a map backdrop, further in real time or when inspecting the track later through a software.

This input tracking software is available for smartphones with GPS potential.

GPS functioning with satellite based tracking systems operate from anywhere round the World, using satellite technology e.g GlobalStar. They do not require phone connection.

GPS trackers monitor the activity of vehicles, especially in the event of a vehicle being used unauthorized by a friend or family member or route optimization, which includes the number of turns, traffic congestion, and the best way to reach the vehicle’s destination.

Hide gps tracker on a car

GPS also helps the driver evade traffic jams, minimize tolls, and collect real-time traffic data.

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Some Features of a GPS tracker

– Fix function: Prompt positioning, compute positioning.

– Driving track inquiry: Playback and glimpse of the archival driving track of the vehicle, mileage, longitude, latitude, direction, speed, geographical location of the vehicle at a clear locale, etc.

– Alarm action: Cross-zone alarm, low electricity alarm, anti-theft alarm,emergency alarm, displacement alarm, overspeed alarm.

Types of GPS trackers

There are three types of GPS trackers:

Aircraft trackers

Aircrafts can be tailed using ether ADS-B or FLARM data packets, transmitted by a chain of ground stations, of which both are data pushers.

GPS Loggers

GPS loggers record positions of the device at frequent periods in its in-house memory, with either a memory card slot or internal flash memory card and a USB port.

Some versions act as USB flash drive, which concedes downloading of track log data, for computer inquiry.

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Digital cameras also save times when photos are shot, provided the camera clock is logically correct. This time is then coordinated with GPS log input, to provide a precise location.

Though, this Cameras need to have a GPS receiver built in, which will precisely generate the geotagged photographs.

In some private investigation situations, data loggers are used to monitor target vehicles. The private investigator does not needlessly follow the target very close. The device ever has a reserved source of data.

Data pushers

A data pusher also known as GPS beacon, is the most prevalent type of GPS tracking unit, used for asset monitoring, privy tracking and vehicle trail systems.

This kind of device pushes at frequent periods, the spot of the device as well as other data that can store and interpret messages instantly.

New GPS-enabled smartphones, that run GPS tracking software can be turned into a data pusher.

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Majority of the 21st-century GPS trackers Bring data “push” technology which facilitates refined GPS tracking in business environments, especially organizations e.g a commercial fleet.

GPS tracking systems utilized in commercial fleets are often designed to broadcast location and telemetry input data, at a set update rate or when an event (door open/close) causes the unit to convey data. This tracking systems refresh regularly, at one-minute, two-minute or five-minute intervals.

How To Hide a GPS tracker On a Car

The following options can be used when deciding how to mask your GPS tracker:

Choose a Hardwired Option

Program a hardwired connection with the car tracking device. This device (OBD tracker device), can then be installed by a professional under the dashboard where it cannot be accessed, by connecting it to a 12V power supply, which will generate all the power the car tracker requires to continue operating.

It is an incredible solution because it actually makes the tracker unseen. The thief will not have a clue that there is a device on the vehicle, which will make it easier for authorities (the police) to find out where the car has been moved to.

It is handily the superior choice available as a medium for car security. It means you will be obligated to find a professional, who can lay it properly for you.

The Battery-Powered Option

Battery powered trackers hover out of sight and provide genuine car security. They operate on a battery and give power to the GPS tracker.

This set of trackers do not need to be installed by plugging it in or hardwiring it. Rather,you imbed a battery, ensure it is turned on, and employ the app to watch the device.

One of the most important advantages of this option is that the battery-powered tracker can be put just about anyplace in the vehicle.

Hide it in spots where thieves would not at any think to look for a car tracker. You can get creative with the many options available to implement, and make sure after installing, you don’t tell people about it.

Using an Extension Cable

Those who cherish the idea of a plain car tracker that can be plugged and works right away will find the extension cable a good option. It does not require any hardwiring, and it is very easy to use.

However, rather than plugging into the OBD port, the extension cable will enable you make sure the device is not going to mix up with the pedals and that it remains hidden.

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This will aid making your vehicle safer, considering the fact that you do not have to get the device out in the open.

Some thieves might still look for this option, though. So you may find that going for the hardwired or battery-powered solution is a superior choice for you.

When you decide to mask the car anti-theft devices through any of the options mentioned above, it will guarantee you the safety and data you need.

Best of all, the possibility of someone locating it is much lower, which will make recovering your car more likely in the event of a car theft.

So therefore, do not allow your vehicle be at risk for another day. Get a worthy car tracker and have it concealed in your vehicle sooner than later.

This article has showed you how to hide a gps tracker on a car, leave a comment below if you have any questions.Chinese Yuan Renminbi to Naira

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