Geozilla GPS Tracker Review 2022 For Kids, Pets, Elders, Luggage & Vehicle

Geozilla GPS Tracker Review 2022 For loved ones, luggage and valuable property.

Geozilla is a US company that produces GPS locators and have over 5 million customers, in this post i reviewed their product (The Geozilla tracker).

If possibly you are a newbie on this site, i welcome you, i share reviews and guides on GPS trackers with my audience on this website.

We ain’t going off point, this post will let you know if you should purchase the GPS locator or not.

You can see a picture of how it looks below, very portable, light and powerful.

Geozilla GPS tracker review 2020

Features of Geozilla GPS Tracker

1. Size: It is small and the weight is very light (about 30g).

2. Battery: It makes use of a rechargeable battery which can last for up to 5 days after which you are going to need to charge it.

3. Worldwide Coverage:This literally means that the zilla GPS device works anywhere on earth, disregarding your country, state, town or city.

4. Affordable: It is very affordable and reliable, however if you are on a low budget, you can scroll down to see a link to my reviews on related trackers.

5. Free Data Plan: After successfully purchasing, you will get 1 year free data plan, so you are not going to pay monthly or yearly fee.

6. Easy Tracking: With the Geozilla GPS tracker, you can:

  • locate stolen or missing vehicles,
  • monitor drivers,
  • find your pet(s) faster,
  • know when your child leaves the school or any other place.

7. Pairing With App is Easy: Upon activation, you can pair the tracking device with their official application for free to get more features.

8. Additional Features: There are some other features of this tracker like:

  • Hard case pouch for protecting the tracking device from damage.
  • Shell belt clip which makes it very easy to attach to things like pets, luggage, etcetera.
  • Magnetic USB cable for charging the tracker with your PC and the likes…
  • Lanyard for humans (kids, elderly people) to wear around their necks in order to make sure it stays intact.
  • Location history which shows you all the places the tracker has gone through.
  • Get alerts on the Geozilla App as soon as the device leaves or enter a place.

9. Cellular or Wi-Fi Connection: This gps device makes use of cellular data or Wi-Fi.

The cellular data may be LTE or 3G, it will still work even in rural areas.

It also comes with a SIM card, so you don’t need to buy a new one.

10. Has a Mobile App: It also has a free application for mobile (available for iOS and Android device).

Price of This Tracker: $121.98 for a new one and $90.33 for a used one.

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What Can Geozilla Tracking Device Be Used For?

Well, it can be used track:

  • Kids.
  • Cars.
  • Luggage.
  • Pets.
  • Elderly people, etcetera.

It is very portable and easy to attach to things or be worn around the neck with the help of its lanyard.

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Geozilla Monthly Fee

As far as this tracker is concerned, you are not going to pay any monthly fee.

It’s a no monthly fee GPS tracker and the thing you are going to pay for is the data plan for the locator.

And guess what? A new tracker comes with 1 year free data plan.


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About Geozilla App (iOS and Android)

They also have mobile application that can be paired with the tracker easily, the application is free to download.

If you are using android Os, download it from Google Play Store or apkpure. If you make use of iOS device (iPhone, iPad and the likes), download the Geozilla application from apple store.

You don’t need a lot of data to download the app as it is not heavy. Kindly note that the mobile application does not work offline.

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Frequently Asked Questions On Geozilla GPS Locator

I discovered that most potential buyers or customers of this tracking device often ask these questions.

I gave clear answers to all of the questions, check ’em below.

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Is Geozilla Save To Use?

Yes, it is save. The company is fully legal.

All your data, location history, etcetera are completely encrypted and kept save from hackers.

If you are still doubting, check out their reviews on Google Play store or even amazon, then you will understand what I am saying.

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How Much Does Geozilla Cost?

The cost of the tracking device and accessories is $121.98.

However there is nothing like monthly service fee, the only thing you will pay for is the data plan.

And that cost from $4.99/month or $49.99/year depending on the features attached.

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Does Geozilla Use Data?

Of course, it uses data connection and cam make use of cellular data or Wi-Fi, any one of the two will work.

As you get 1 year data plan for free for the tracker after activation, it makes things easier for you.

Their application also is not offline and it’s necessary for you to download it for full features of the locator.

Pros & Cons of Geozilla

  • The app is good
  • Cost is affordable
  • Pairing your phone to the tracker is easy
  • Works with cellular data or wifi
  • Can work anywhere in the world
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Slow support response time
  • Alerts are not sent to email or as text, only on the app
  • Activation code takes long to receive

This article has Geozilla reviews about the GPS tracking device and app, kindly share it with your friends and family. It may save something from theft and ensure safety of your loved ones.

Do you have any questions about using the Geozilla GPS tracker or complains? Leave a comment below and expect a response from me very soon.

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