Family1st Vehicle GPS Tracker:Review, price 2022

Family1st Vehicle GPS Tracker

Security isn’t what you should joke with, especially in this period where the case of immoralities continues to increase rapidly. You have to play a very important role in ensuring that lives and properties that are so dear to you remain safe and secured.

There are many security tools that can help you achieve this goal and one of them is the Family1st Vehicle GPS Tracker. Are you wondering what the device is all about? This post will surely provide every information you need to know about it.

This in-depth review will reveal its features, why you should go for it and from where you can get it. So, stay calm as we are set to hit the ground running!

What Is Family1st Vehicle GPS Tracker All About

Family1st Vehicle GPS Tracker is a security tool that helps you keep close tabs on the things and people that are very important to you.

With this device, you will be notified of everything happening to your children in school. You will be updated on your spouse’s movements, while your driver’s location will be communicated to you in real time.

All of the above functions and more are made possible because the tracker makes use of 4G Lite network which is very fast and highly efficient.

How Does It Work?

You must first install the Family1st tracking software on your Smartphone, Tablet or Computer system.

Then, connect the tool to the already-installed mobile app but be sure that you follow the right steps while carrying out the connection. Once you are done with the connection, the tool will automatically and constantly alert you via the mobile app as soon as there’s a slight change in the position of what/who you are monitoring.

Family1st Personal GPS Tracking Features

  • Real-time Tracking Updates:

Are you so concerned about your driver’s driving attitude that you want to know his whereabouts every five seconds? This device will give you the result you desire.

The use of super-fast 4G LTE network boosts the tracker’s ability to provide you with live notification about your driver’s location and his driving attitude. You will be alerted via text message or email address if your driver applies the brake in an unruly manner or he speeds too high.

In the same vein, the device also ensures that you get real-time updates on all other things you are monitoring whether they’re INDOOR or OUTDOOR.

  • Geo-fencing:

Family1st Vehicle GPS Tracker gives you the privilege to select 10 locations you don’t want any of your family members or vehicles to visit. The ten places is often referred to as ‘unsafe’ zones and the tracking device will raise an emergency alarm once the it found itself in any of the designated arenas.

  • Portable And Sleek Design:

It will interest you to know that you can place this tool in your pocket, toolbox, backpack, stroller, or luggage — thanks to its portable size and sleek design. You can also place it in your car, lorry and other vehicle if that’s what you wish to monitor.

  • Mouth-watering WI-FI Technology:

Recall we said that you can track anyone in an indoor location? This is possible as a result of the device’s awesome Wi-Fi technology.

  • Round-the-clock Help Services:

In case you encounter any problem while using the Family1st GPS tracker, you can easily put a call through to manufacturing company for help.

Alternatively, you can reach out to them via their website’s live chat platform or email address. Be rest assured to get a quick response from them.

  • Long-lasting Battery:

It won’t be out of place to say that this tracker has strongest battery you would ever come across in the industry. Its 600 mAh Li-Polymer battery will last for over two-weeks depending on how often you utilize it.

  • Stealth Mode:

This feature could be seen as part the maker’s desire to provide you with a battery that last for long. With this stealth mode, you are advised to receive just 1-3 SMS alerts in a day so that the device will function for close to 60 days without you charging it.

  • Easy Installation:

You can install it yourself as long as you read the user’s manual. Its DIY installation guidelines are very simple and it’s one you can successfully complete in less than 30 minutes.


  • An update in five seconds means you won’t miss out on any event.
  • It’s easy to transport from one place to another due to its mobility and compact nature.
  • Wide range of monthly plans to choose from.
  • It is easy to install.


  • It works in just three countries — USA, Canada, Mexico.
  • Device can’t be shut off via the mobile app.

Where To Get It

Amazon remains the first and most popular e-commerce store to get this product. Alternatively, you can visit Walmart or Konga to get yours.

Lastly, you can visit Family1st’s official website to place an order and you will definitely get your tracker within a specific period of time.


I’m sure you now know why Family1st Vehicle GPS Tracker remains one of the most sought after products in the industry today.

You too should give it a try today and see for yourself. Having said that, we advised you are always on top of your game when it comes to securing your property and loved ones.

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