Best Pet GPS Tracker 2022 | Top 9 For Dogs and Cats (Updated)

Looking to buy the best pet gps tracker for your cat or dog in 2022 . Then take a look at our comprehensive list of best GPS tracker for pets in 2022 .

As a pet owner, one of your major concerns is keeping your pets safe. But, despite the safety precautionary measured taken such as:

• Training pets to stay within the yard.

• Regular pet checks at the Veterinary hospital.

• Placing leashes on pets

And so on

Some pets just seemed to be destined to never be kept safe. We all want our pet safe and sound but overtime this has proven to be a daunting and ridiculously frustrating task.

But thanks to the latest innovations and technological advancements, pet owners can keep their pets safe through the use of Pet Tracking devices.

We can all heave a sigh of relief knowing that technology has provided us with a powerful solution to a problem which has beset us for a long time.

With Pet Trackers, pets can be kept safe and owners can easily keep tabs on their fitness, health, location and even possible places they strayed to.

A Pet Tracker is by all means the preferred choice for saving pet owners from what should be an excruciatingly frustrating pet upbringing and training.

Before we delve into our list of the best Pet GPS Trackers for , I would like to intimate you on what a Pet Tracking device is.

If you are a newbie or just hearing the word Pet GPS locator for the first time, this will serve as a summary of what a GPS Pet Tracker is.

What Is A Pet GPS Tracker?

A Pet Location Tracker is a cutting edge technology that helps you identify the current location of your pet.

It helps you to also pinpoint the exact location of your pet in real-time while also giving you a breakdown of the places where your pet strayed to.

Best pet GPS tracker 2020

This can come in handy for persons who often leave their pets for long periods of time and for those whose pets love to go on tours.. haha

There are certain Pet GPS Tracking device which alerts you when your pet goes past a predetermined location.

This predetermined location is called a geo-fence.

The moment your pet goes beyond the boundaries of this geo-fence, the Tracker let’s out an alert either to your phone or through the Tracker application.

It is worthy of note that Pets Trackers are subdivided into two namely:

1. Cellular GPS Pet Trackers and

2. Radio GPS Pet Trackers

The Cellular Trackers transmit real-time location and statistics through the use of cellular data and towers.

It is often classified as ioT and a SIM card or any form of cellular service is needed to operate one.

On the other hand, the Radio Trackers use the ancient technology of radios to track pets.

They do not require a cellular service, SIM card or monthly subscription because they operate in like manner as Walkie Talkies.

A radio tracker covers the same range or distance as a Walkie-Talkie. This allows you track your pet only when it is within range – Not so effective right?

Nevertheless, the more money you are willing to spend on a GPS Tracker, the more effectiveness and value you would enjoy.

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Best Pet GPS Tracker For Cats and Dogs

Now to our comprehensive list of best GPS Pet Trackers for your cats and dogs.

We have reviewed some of the best GPS Tracker for pets you can use to keep your cats and dogs safe.

1. Whistle GO Explore Health and Location

Whistle go explore health and location tracker

The Whistle GO Explore Health & Location Tracker is a premium GPS tracker for pets that provides instant notifications with tracking in real-time.

It creates GPS locations and activity trackers for cats and dogs.

This tracker is embedded with the most advanced GPS and cellular technology available in the United States of America.

With speed, accuracy and precision, you can detect the whereabouts of your pet from anywhere in the United States of America.

You get to be acquainted with the places where your pet has been to in the last 24 hours as the Whistle GO Explore Health and Location Tracker keeps tabs on your pet’s data.

This tracker has a long-lasting battery and can go seven (7) days between charges.

You can also set fitness goals on the tracker to help your pet maintain a healthy life.

With great quality comes a great price, the Whistle GO Explore Health and Location Tracker requires a monthly subscription fee which begins at $6.95.

The tracker has amassed over 3,400 reviews by customers on Amazon and a 5.3 stars rating.

You are sure of purchasing the best available pet tracking device for your lovely pet. It goes for $129.95 on Amazon.

Pros & Cons

  • You get instant alerts via the tracker app, your mailbox or on your mobile phone as a text message, whenever your pet goes past your predetermined geo-fence.
  • Nationwide coverage, you can your pet from anywhere in the United States of America.
  • Keep track of your pet’s movement in the last 24 hours.
  • Feeds you with information as regards the health and fitness of your cat or dog.
  • Long-lasting batteries which can last up to seven [7] days.
  • Requires a monthly subscription fee beginning from $6.95/month.

2. PetFon Pet GPS Tracker

The PetFon Pet GPS Tracker is a GPS Tracker that is lightweight and compact which can easily fit to your pet’s body or collar.

It has a .5mile range which means it can only track your pet’s location when it is within range.

Findster duo tracking device

If all you care about is short range tracking then the PetFon Pet GPS Tracker is the best pet gps locator for you to use.

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The price of a PetFon Pet GPS Tracker is a one time payment without monthly subscriptions.

Pros & Cons

  • It is lightweight, weighing 23 grams only.
  • No subscription fee needed. You are not charged a dime to operate the findster duo tracker.
  • Only tracks pet within the .5 mile range. It is not suitable for long range tracking.
  • Battery only lasts for 10-12 hours after the last full charge.

3. Tractive GPS Pet Tracker

Tractive cat GPS tracker

The Tractive GPS tracker is a real-time tracking device that keeps you always in the know as to the whereabouts of your pet.

You can get real-time stats on the location of your pet from the convenience of your Android or iOS devices.

Tractive GPS tracker sends you the GPS coordinates of your pet which can be accessed by your smartphone connected to the internet.

With $129.99 you can purchase the Tractive pet GPS tracker on Amazon

Pros & Cons

  • Tractive gives you real-time stats of your pet current location.
  • With no technical know-how, you can find your pet even using your smartphone.
  • Batteries lasting up to four (4) days.
  • The Tractive GPS tracker for pet charges a monthly subscription fee of $9.95.


The CAT TAILER GPS Tracker is certainly one of the lightest GPS trackers available on Amazon.

It is designed to be attached to any collar size plus a WiFi and an activity monitor.

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With the CAT TAILER GPS Tracker , you can locate your pet even if they stray to far, monitor their activities, own a record of their adventures from the convenience of your personal computer or smartphone.

The price of a Pod 2 GPS tracker is not expensive which includes a year of service.

Pros & Cons

  • The GPS tracker is fully lightweight, weighing only 28 grams.
  • Track your pet even from long distances in real-time.
  • The tracker offers a comprehensive log of your pet’s activities and adventures.
  • Strong battery lasting from 2-5 days.
  • The CAT TAILER GPS tracker requires a yearly subscription
  • It depends on 2G network coverage.

5. Pet GPS Tracker By Ubisighttech

The Pet GPS Tracker By Ubisighttech comes with a sleek design allowing easy attachment to the collar of your pet.

It works within the AT & T Coverage area using Cellular Technology. With it you can track your pet from your iOS or Android device.

The Pet GPS Tracker By Ubisighttech shares some features with the Tractive GPS tracker.

Pros & Cons

  • Attachable to any kind of pet collar.
  • Gives you real-time stats on the location of your pet.
  • No Monthly subscription fee
  • Deletes tracked information after 24 hours.

6. FURTRIEVE GPS Pet Tracker

Furtrieve tracker for pets

The FURTRIEVE GPS Pet Tracker helps you track your pet anywhere within the coverage area.

The FURTRIEVE GPS tracker has a lot of amazing features which every pet owner will love and find very useful.

FURTRIEVE allows pet owners to communicate with their pet and even solicit for help in looking for them.

This prominent feature by FURTRIEVE is Crowd-Notify. Pet owners can notify their neighbors, family and friends that their pets have strayed away from home and get help in looking for them.

The FURTRIEVE GPS tracker has both a website and an iOS mobile application open for consultation and support.

FURTRIEVE sells on Amazon at $79.95.

Pros & Cons

  • Allows communication between owner and pet.
  • Crowd-Notify feature to help pet owners enlist help in locating pets.
  • You can create a mobile fence virtually using FURTRIEVE.
  • The furtrieve GPS tracker has a subscription fee of $10/month.
  • The crowd-notify feature does not seem to work at all times.

7. Link AKC Smart Collar Pet Tracker

Link akc GPS tracker

The Link AKC Smart Tracker is a pet collar tracker which was designed specifically for dogs.

With the Link AKC tracker, you can log your dog’s Veterinary records, track its location, get ambient temperature notifications and much more.

The tracker is connected to the Link AKC mobile app which builds a connection between you and your dog even when you’re apart.

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The mobile application helps pet owners take informed steps towards managing their dog’s health and fitness.

The Link AKC Smart Collar Tracker comes with a Latigo leather collar in sizes Small (S), Medium (M), Large (L), and Extra Large (XL).

A Link AKC Tracker goes for $79.95 on Amazon.

Pros & Cons

  • Comfortable collar tracker for dogs and cats.
  • Logging of veterinary records in the Link AKC mobile app available for iOS and android device.
  • Only individuals with a Link AKC membership are allowed to activate the Link AKC Smart Collar Tracker.
  • A subscription fee of $9.95
  • Battery only lasts for a day or two.
  • The transmitter weighs 150 grams (about 4.8 ounces).

8. PETPACE GPS Pet Tracker

Petpace GPS tracking device

PETPACE is not really a GPS location tracker. It is more of a fitness and health monitoring tracker.

It features are pronounced towards health and health monitoring than many of the regular, existing pet trackers.

A pet owner who is more concerned with the health of their pets will find the PETPACE tracker very handy.

It costs $249.99 to be one of the world’s most expensive pet trackers. You would need to have a robust budget to purchase one.

Pros & Cons

  • Helps you diagnose and monitor the health of your pet.
  • PETPACE is quite an expensive pet tracker.
  • It does not track pet location. Specifically designed to cater for pet’s health.

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9. VOYCE GPS Pet Tracker

Voyce pet GPS tracker

VOYCE GPS Tracker is an alternative to PETPACE. Both VOYCE and PETPACE share similar features and operations.

The VOYCE pet tracker is worn around the neck like a collar and it tracks critical indicators like respiratory rate, heart beat rate, distance covered by pet, calories burned and so on.

All of these data and records are kept in the VOYCE Wellness Management Center via WiFi.

The VOYCE Pet Tracker is sold at $199.99 on Amazon.

Pros & Cons

  • VOYCE is a cheaper alternative to PETPACE pet tracker.
  • VOYCE gives pet owners feedback on important health metrics of your pet.
  • Voyce pet tracker is not a location tracker. It is for pet’s fitness and health monitoring.
  • It has a subscription fee of $9.50 per month.

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Final Remarks

This is list of best pet GPS trackers for 2020 are available at the prices mentioned in the review from

You can keep your pet safe, monitor their location, get real-time stats of pets, do health checks and fitness checks to ensure you own healthy checks.

For any need whatsoever, there’s a GPS pet tracker you can make use of, fitting for any purpose and for any pet.

Note: The prices on Amazon vary from country to country due to shipping and logistics cost. Therefore, prices stated here are not fixed.

You can share this post with your friends, family and pet lovers. If you have any questions, drop them below.

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