5 Best Hidden GPS Tracker For Cars in 2020 [UPDATED]


GPS tracking devices for cars are comely increasingly accepted as a result of their portability and functionality.

Fixing of the best models of this tracking device actively enhances your security.

A new driver can be coached with them, to keep an eye on the activity of family members (teenagers or elderly), find-my-car functions, prevent car theft and get a best chance at being able to find vehicles when stolen.

GPS trackers are quite active for making driving records, spotting accuracy, and real-time tracking (depending on the brand you choose).

Tracking devices help encourage secure driving. With a GPS device, you can even avert a theft from happening, as you can send signals when you notice any suspicious behavior.

If different people use the same car, the owner may want to trail where the car has been and for how long it has been moving. If you like to keep upkeep records or learn about the performance history of your vehicle, a tracking device is the best solution.

They contain an alarm button that allows calling for help instantly with the tiniest effort.

Best hidden gps tracker for car

GPS technology uses Satellite to locate points and observe the movement of the vehicle. It requires a clear sky for best connections, because it might not be able to estimate the locations of people or vehicles when under ground level.

It is legal by law to install a tracking device on a car you own, notably for commercial vehicles where tracking is an effective consideration.

For those running a car fleet business, GPS trackers help estimate how many miles has been covered and their individual fuel consumption. The device allows you organize maintenance sessions accurately,instead of relying on guesses.

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Features of Hidden GPS trackers For Cars

– Purpose

Before purchasing a GPS tracker, you have to be clear about why it is needed. For instance, if you intend using the tracking device for business purposes, it is better you get the one that’s specifically for fleet administration purposes.

Systems with the fleet administration function, usually mention it in their marketing brief.

But if the device is needed for personal use, like monitoring a senior or teen driving coach program, it’s advisable to go for trackers that emphasize family caregiving in their details, so as not to end up with the wrong product.

– Location Update

Live or real-time monitoring means that the data about the location of your automobile is duely updated. There are oodles of time interval options, starting from every second.

Please note that the smaller the interval, the higher the monthly charge on such device, because it will demand a varying number of satelliterequests based on the interval.

– Presence of Special Features

There are several warning alarms you can set up. This alarms usually warn about unsafe driving, unauthorized movements or leaving the recommended area for the vehicle.

Its geo-fencing feature also allows you mark several areas as safe, and immediately the vehicle goes beyond such area, you will be notified.

– Easy-to-use Apps

Not everyone likes the idea of finding their way around complex technology. So, if you identify with this category, you should go for GPS trackers with apps that are convenient, attractive, and direct, since the app is where you’ll be spending most of your time tracking the car.

– Specific Software

Some manufacturers provide enhanced softwares for data viewing and control. There are also simple mobile apps.

Generally, trackers with enhanced software information is viewed via a website and a monthly fee is charged for the GPS technology.

– Cloaked Upgrade

Most GPS trackers have a fine print on them. Ensure it is read before purchase, because most systems normally come with a standard 60-second update alerts.

If a fine print is not found, you can choose to update your notification time to around 10 or 30 seconds. You never can tell the notification that is ideal in this case for the tracker.

You should also confirm if the system doesn’t have any concealed upgrade charge if you plan to switch to a lesser interval.

The same thing goes for cancellation fees. Ensure the system’s cancellation is unpaid for, so you don’t end up with undesirable surprises in the long run.

– Magnetic Power

If you plan using your tracker on your car’s exterior, it’s essential to factor your local climate and daily itenary.

Living in an environment where tracks get washed away from minor rain, a trip to the supermarket will be a bumpy one.

In that case, buying a tracker with the most reliable magnetic hold is the best alternative, but if your terrain is free of potholes, you need not bother about your tracker’s magnetic box being very powerful.

– Delayed or Real-Time

Most times, to know the exact location of your car, it’s important to consider GPS trackers with real-time monitoring, because they give more accurate results compared to the ones with delayed time. But you should also know that real-time monitoring trackers are more expensive.

– Battery Life

Note that a GPS tracker is a concealed device. Therefore, it is a must to consider those models that have strong battery life, to save you the stress of recharging now and then. This factor is crucial for individuals who plan to use this devices in covert operations.

Delightfully, with any of the devices listed here, you can boost productivity by avoiding round routing delays.

The market offers a great variety of efficient tracking systems through several eCommerce sites, which will meet your needs. though there are some GPS trackers on the market which could make your decision making challenging.

5 Best Hidden GPS Tracker For Cars in 2020

Here is the list of some GPS tracker devices that will function excellently on your Car:

1. Americaloc GL300W Mini Portable GPS Tracker

The Americaloc GL300W is an expensive tracker, but there’s none better. It provides real-time tracking and allows you view up to one year history on its records.

The magnetic case allows it to be hidden really well on your vehicle and the battery life, lasting a few weeks is longer than most models within its niche.

You can set it up to alert for movements, entering/exiting zones, scurrying, and other scenarios.

2. BrickHouse Security TrackPort OBDII Vehicle Tracker

The Brickhouse Security Trackport is a dependable real time GPS tracker for your vehicle or entire fleet of vehicles.

Get a satellite aerial image of your car in its current location with this tracker. Other features include a panic button, fast alerts, and travel reports.

3. Mileage Ace WiFi M2 GPS Mileage Tracker

If you are running a business and you need to track the mileage of your drivers, let the Mileage Ace GPS Mileage Tracker do the work for you. Normally, you would depend on the driver to create mileage logs for you.

But to ensure there is no human error, this tracker can keep a more accurate account of the miles driven. This will make it easier to claim tax deductions on vehicle usage and more.

4. Linxup OBD GPS Tracker

An economic model. The Linxup GPS tracker easily fixes to your car’s OBD port and is a traditional option.

Aside from the typical tracking features, you will be able to access Google Maps, email alerts, text alerts, maintenance tracking etc. It can also detect driver performance and provide reports.

5. Automatic PRO AUT-350 OBD II Tracker

The Automatic PRO car tracker does things a bit unique. Instead of the usual monthly fee charged by other models for tracking, this unit uses 3G data from its included (unlimited) 5-year subscription.

It has a built-in car code scanner that helps decode check engine lights and automatically notifies emergency services in the event of an accident. Alexa, Nest, and IFTTT compatibility allow you to seamlessly connect to your digital life.

Personal vehicle tracking devices record all the data and store the information about the routes and details any movement. They can help you to maintain and find your car if it is lost.

GPS trackers are essential for transmitting and storing data on routes and any movement. The GPS even goes as far as helping you prevent theft or find your car if it’s lost.

Thus, before you buy any of these devices, ensure that you pay attention to the functions, powering method, attachment requirements, monthly plan, affordability, design, construction elements or material, effectiveness, and size.

Deciding where you will place it is another important consideration. The best place for it is somewhere on the Car’s inside, but you need one with a good magnet if it is to be mounted on the outside.

Figure out if you need a battery-operated unit or one that will be hardwired.

So select carefully after looking at the specs and desired functions of each one of them and pick those with the best functionality, stealth, notification, affordability and ease.


Two Ways To Detect A GPS Tracker In Your Vehicle

It is often say that Nothing is hidden under the sun, that’s absolutely right, but huge thanks must go to the advancement in science and technology which has made this possible.

The world has evolved so much that I don’t need to take a step away from my initial position before knowing the current location of anyone i wish to monitor. All i need is just a very tiny tracker that will be placed in their car, purse, tracksuit, or pocket.

Most intruders and detective agents prefer placing a tracker in their target’s cars because they believe it would be very difficult to detect as no one will have all the time to check to every part of their vehicle before heading to their destinations.

This is why you’ve got to be very cautious of your car and your overall security before embarking on a journey.

How To Find A Tracker In Your Car

There are two major ways to find out if your car is under the influence of a tracker. The first method is by engaging in a manual but intense search, while the second way is deploying a technology-based method.

1. Manual and Intense Search

This method is more or less like a crude way of searching for every possible tracker from within and outside of your car.

Using this method requires you to carry out a very thorough check to discover any malicious or suspicious device hanging on or in your car.

It is compulsory you check every strategic part of your vehicle if you must record a massive success in your search for a possible GPS tracking device.

Talking of car’s strategic locations where a tracker could be fixed, below is a very quick list of some places you mustn’t overlooked while carrying out the searching activity:

  1.   The underside of the car
  2.   At the top or beneath the bumpers.
  • Inside the trunk
  1. Wheel wells
  2. Undercarriage
  •   Inside the spare tire port
  • Back of the dashboard, specifically, inside the audio equipment.
  • The storage compartment
  • Under the seats

Note that the five bolded parts are located at the exterior part of your car while the rest are inside the car.

Things You Must Possess While Exploring The Manual Search Method

You must make use of some mechanical equipments while carrying out this search. They will surely play a huge role in making things easier and faster. Some of the tools include the following:

  •   A bright flashlight: This will help to illuminate the car so as to boost to your chances of detection the tracking device.
  • Mirror: This is useful especially when you are are looking for a bugging device behind your car’s bumper. It is advisable you place it on an extendable pole while searching this part of your car.
  • Creeper mat: It should be utilized whenever you are examining the downside of your car.

2. Exploring The Technology-based Method (electronic bug Sweeping)

This is the second method in which you can detect if your vehicle is being bugged by intruders or not. This method doesn’t require much physical strength as you won’t be the one carrying out the searching exercise.

Nonetheless, you are expected to be technologically wise as you will need to be in control of the high-tech devices that will carry out the task. There are lots of sophisticated devices that can be deployed to carry out this all-important mission and we shall be discussing two of them later in the write-up.

Also known as bug detector, these apps won’t just notify you of any malicious substances around your car but will tell you the exact point where the tracker is located. This is possible as a result of their ability to detect some unusual transmission with the help of a very active radio receiver.

This post has clearly given you the features of hidden GPS trackers for cars and the list of 5 best GPS tracker for cars in 2020.

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