Best GPS Tracker For Trailers in 2022 Review [Updated]


This post will show you the best GPS trackers for trailers to use.

A trailer tracker is a gadget which can either be hardwired or attached to your trailer using magnets, which allows you trail it in real time, or get motion and tamper alerts.

This could mean that you can fix your device on the trailer without having to recharge the battery for months or years. But you might have to recharge every week for live tracking and ensure it is kept safe.

Purchasing a GPS tracker for trailers depend entirely on your exact needs, your budget and the size of the trailer tracker.

GPS tracker for trailer

Often, this trackers will utilise GPS technology, that is, you will be able to see your device’s location from your smartphone or laptop screen.

They will tell you about your vehicle or possession’s position, as well as things like pacing and downshift habits.

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What are the benefits or Features of trailer trackers?

There are many benefits of choosing to track your trailer, so let’s look at some of these advantages.

1. Protect your trailer from theft

If you are the owner of trailers for either business or personal/recreational purposes then it’s very likely that your trailers being targets of theft is an ongoing worry for you.

Unfortunately, trailers on their own are very appealing to thieves for their resale value. However, the fact that they may also contain valuable cargo makes them twice as enticing to thieves.

In addition, the fact that you may often need to park your trailers in multiple locations at any time makes them vulnerable to continuous opportunistic and organised crime gangs.

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The presence of GPS trackers can deter theft and, in the case of theft, they can even facilitate recovery by enabling the police to track the location of the stolen asset.

2. Track your trailer in real time

With our innovative trailer tracking software, you can quickly and easily review your trailer’s travel and usage history using the integrated Google maps application right from your smart phone or computer.

This technology can help you to improve trailer turn times, reduce any downtime and service more loads on a daily basis.

Our trailer alarms provide complete visibility over trailers while they are on the road, and peace of mind that they are safe when left at job sites.

Our software allows you to have 24/7 access to you trailer. So you know when the trailer is on the road, disconnected from the cabin, mileage, temperature and more!

With a trailer tracking system, you can have access to all the logistics you need regarding your trailer and its whereabouts around the clock, giving you peace of mind that you asset is protected.

Whether you have a horse box, HGV trailer, beavertail, tipper, livestock or flat bed trailer you will already know how vulnerable these assets are.

Sadly the resale market for stolen trailers is very lucrative for thieves, and with many trailers being hard to differentiate from others, finding and proving the theft of your trailer is pretty much impossible.

The inconvenience, stress, trauma and cost implications that you have to suffer when someone steals your trailer are a nightmare.

3. Get instant motion alerts

4. Lower your insurance costs

Depending on the type of asset that you have, many insurance providers are now insisting that an insurance approved trailer tracker is installed in line with your insurance policy.

Insurance approved trackers for trailers are becoming increasingly common and are developed specifically for security and theft recovery.

5. Protect your business assets

7. Location – Using trailer tracking, haulage fleet managers can readily access semi-real-time information on where each of their trailers is, meaning they’re no longer at a loss for where their assets are once they’ve left the depot. Managers can monitor their trailers’ progress on jobs, and quickly be made aware if the driver encounters any problems, or is running behind schedule.

8. Recover stolen items and objects

9. Get towing alerts

10. Shipment tracking – a GPS tracker for trailers can be used to provide customers with semi-real-time shipment tracking.

This means waiting times and delays can be minimised for all parties, with your business able to give out the most accurate ETAs possible.

11. Temperature – When goods need to be carried in refrigerated trailers, carriers are obliged to retain temperature profiles throughout the journey.

Some trackers can record and transmit temperature data, so that any potential problems can be identified.

12. Positive ROI – The return on investment that comes with trailer tracking can be high, with boosted efficiency, increased productivity and higher revenues on the cards for businesses that use GPS trailer tracking.

Whether you are a business owner, fleet manager or individual, you rely on your trailer for many reasons. More often than not, your trailer is being used to transport and store important and pricey equipment and materials.

Don’t let yourself get caught in the unfortunate event of a trailer theft that leaves you out thousands of dollars in lost assets and labor time.

The best way to combat trailer theft is to install a GPS tracker for trailers. Without a GPS tracker, recovering your lost or stolen trailer is difficult, and there is a good chance that you may never get it back.

Every fleet manager or trailer owner.

There are battery powered, solar powered and wired options. We help you to determine which type of tracker will best suit your needs and unique situation.

All these gps tracker for trailer are durable, waterproof and able to withstand most any condition. All our wired options also have battery backups, so no need to worry about losing coverage.

Several of these trackers for trailers even have the ability to run off the GlobalStar Satellite Data Networks to give you global coverage.

4 Best GPS Tracker for Trailers

Horsebox Trailer Trackers

Horsebox trailer tracker gps

Horseboxes in particular are very popular with thieves. If it’s the thieves lucky day then your expensive tack and other equipment might be inside that they can also sell on.

The impact of horse box theft can be extremely damaging. Not being able to transport horses when needing to will bring about risk to their health and well being, not to mention the cost implications that you will be vulnerable to.

HGV Trailer trackers

HGV trailer tracker

One of the biggest concerns for haulage and logistic companies is the protection of their assets and cargo when in transit and/or at a depot.

Logistically, if you are shipping cargo and leave trailers at differing locations throughout the UK and Europe, being able to plan, collect and keep a log of where your trailers are can be unnecessarily stressful, restricting and costly.

This is why so many companies are now attaching magnetic GPS trackers to their trailers.

This means that your actual trailer is still being tracked, even when the delivery lorry unhooks and moves on.

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Magnetic GPS Tracker

Magnetic GPS tracker for trailers

No installation. Just attach with magnets or conceal loose

Fully rechargeable batteries. Long life battery for maximum convenience

Small and weatherproof. The rugged, hardproof cases will withstand all conditions

Flexible and portable. Transfer from one asset to another in seconds

You can attach and detach magnetic GPS tracker for trailers in seconds, and with multiple locations and no obvious place to position these it minimises the chance of a potential thief ever locating the device.

Under the cloak of darkness, thieves will not waste time trying to find a tracker, especially if they don’t know if there is even a tracker attached or where to even start looking for it.

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Catering Trailer GPS Trackers

Catering trailer GPS tracker

With festivals, outdoor events and pop up food markets growing significantly this means that individual companies are investing in mobile food stalls, and use trailers as both the actual food stand and/or to transport equipment and goods.

The food trailer rental industry is also growing significantly, especially with the temporary pop up industry now proving so lucrative.

Many companies hire out their catering trailers for festivals, exhibitions and events.

The catering equipment that you have invested in and the actual trailer itself are a huge investment.

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Whatever model of trailer trackers you use, make sure they are acutely important for the purpose intended based on their features.

Once you fix a good GPS tracker for trailer, you get a convenient connection to the entire world on your fingertips. With a single tap touch of your smartphone or tabs on a laptop, you get to know where your vehicle is and all other essential details.

When you purchase this device for installation, you can be rest assured that your trailer is trackable at all times, because they have an amazing battery life and coverage.

I’m sure this post has been helpful to you, kindly share it with others and leave a comment below if you have any questions or suggestions about these GPS tracker for trailer.

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