Best Five Hidden GPS Trackers In The Market Today (2022 )

Best Five Hidden GPS Trackers In The Market Today (2022)

Stealing continues to increase at an alarming rate. Vehicles are no longer save while the rate at which cars got lost in past few months increases exponentially.

Securing your vehicles and other valuable possessions is no longer optional but a compulsory move that must be made as soon as possible.

Luckily, providing maximum security for all of the vehicles and other properties has been made simpler than ever, thanks to the production of multiple GPS Trackers which gives car owners unlimited opportunities to choose the one that suits their taste without breaking the bank.

Despite the availability of many trackers in today’s market, many people still end up buying counterfeit products as they didn’t know the best one to go for.

However, we have come up with a list of five hidden GPS Tracker you should consider whenever you are set to get one for yourself.

In this post, we discuss each tracker’s features, cons and why we think it is good for you. I’m sure you can’t wait to see the list — so, let’s set the get started!



1 SilverCloud Overdrive

This is one tracker you would love to install in any of your valuable tools because of its effectiveness. Although, its expensive price tag appears to be its greatest shortcoming as it is probably the costliest trackers on the list.

It provides you with very quick tracking updates as it requires just three seconds to tell if there’s a slight change in your vehicle’s position.

You can decide to install the tracker alongside LandAirSea’s separate magnet mount kit (it has its own price tag) which will help you to protect the tracker against water and other liquid substances. Its surveillance software is very easy to install on your smartphone and it consists of a very user-friendly interface.

That’s not all, Silvercloud Overdrive features clear 2D and 3D maps as part of producer’s desire to making sure that users have a clearer understanding of the location of their vehicles and the possible cities it could be heading to — that’s in the case of theft.


  • Long lasting Battery: The Silvercloud Overdrive GPS tracker comes with a battery that can last for 60 hours without charging. This is often regarded as the tracker’s strongest point.
  • It is very easy to install


  • It is quite heavy as it weighs 16.8 oz
  • It has a hefty price tag while its monthly service charge is also on the high side.
  • You might need to reset it constantly if you want it to perform effectively.
  • It doesn’t provide any information in an offline state. This means you need to be in an environment where there is a strong cellular network.


Here is another portable tracker that provides you with a quick real-time data about your vehicle’s present location. It’s not as heavy as the first tracker on the list and it is readily available at Amazon. Though it is not as expensive as the SilverCloud Overdrive tracker, it still appears a bit expensive because it is slightly above $100.

With this tracker, you can determine the place you want your vehicle to visit or not. You will receive an alert as soon as your vehicle or other possessions touch the blacklisted areas — thanks to its awesome geofence features.

It helps you detect the speed at which your vehicle moves as it will send a quick and direct message to your email address. It will equally notify you via your smartphone whenever someone touches your vehicle.


  • It sends you a minute-by-minute update on your vehicle’s location.
  • It can save your tracking history for close to a year.
  • It consists of a pre-installed SIM card.
  • It works in major cities in Europe, US and Canada.
  • Impressive battery life that can last for five days — at least.


  • It’s quite expensive and it has enormous monthly plan
  • It doesn’t consist of a magnet or mounting hardware which means it might got lost too easily.

3. Spy Tec STI GL300

This is another good tracker for anyone who is present in areas where only 2G network is available. This is because the tracker makes use of an outdated 2G network which is also referred to as the T-mobile coverage.

Do you have a driver who drives recklessly? This tracker will help you control his or her driving speed as it gives you the opportunity to set a speed limit for your vehicle. You will be notified as soon as your driver or anyone else drives above the set speed limit.


  • Presence of SOS button allows you to dial multiple contacts in case you find yourself in emergency situations.
  • It consists of geofences feature which ensures you have the total control over the places you want your vehicle to visit or not.
  • Strong battery life: The battery can last for two weeks depending on how often you utilize it. The presence of accelerometer makes sure that the battery is turned off when not in use.
  • It’s a good real-time tracking device as it alerts you once in two minutes to let you know the present location of your vehicle. Meanwhile, this feature strictly depends on the monthly data plan you registered for.


  • It appears too bulky and hard to hide from intruders.
  • It’s not as attractive as other trackers, not thanks to its obsolete design.
  • Despite multiple subscription options, its cheapest plan appears too steep and pricey.
  • The use of 2G or T-mobile network services definitely affects its effectiveness due to its outdated nature.

4 LandAirSea 54 Magnetic GPS Tracker

The LandAirSea 54 is arguably the smallest hidden GPS tracker you will come across in the market as at the time of this review. The size doesn’t take anything away from its quality service.

On the contrary, its portability makes it more hidden and more suitable for personal use as it can be put in your pocket or bag.

It contains a built-in magnet which allows it to remain glued to your vehicle. Its 60-second report interval makes it one of the trackers with most efficient alert system.


  • It has a massive water-resisting capacity as a result of its waterproof case.
  • Arrival and departure notification is a plus
  • Playback option helps in providing more security for your vehicle and other valuable possessions.


  • Short Battery Lifespan: Its greatest shortcomings lies with the battery that appears to be too shorter than expected. A LandAirSea 54 fully charged battery can last for just 5 days at most.
  • Long charging period: Another downside of this product is that it requires over 12 hours charge before you can have a fully-charged battery. Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop it from lasting for just five days.

5 MotoSafety GPS Tracker

This is definitely one of the cheapest trackers as we speak. It’s budget friendly as it doesn’t cost a fortune to get. It is a go-to product for anyone who is looking for a low-budget tracker.

Despite its cheap cost, MotoSafety GPS tracker gives a real-time update on your vehicle’s speed, location and direction. It supports geofence features whereby you decide where to go and where not to visit.

You will equally receive constant alerts over your driver’s attitude — either he applies the break too often or he drives too fast.


  • It is so tiny that no one can easily notice it.
  • It is very cheap and affordable.
  • It encourages playback option.


  • It only functions when vehicle is ignited. Hence, your vehicle isn't safe if thieves choose to tow it out of sight.
  • It sometimes gives inaccurate reports as regards to driver's behavior.

What Next To Do After Finding a Tracker on your Vehicle?

How will you react if you eventually find a tracker in your car — scream, detach it, or inform security agency? Obviously, screaming is never an option as it would do nothing to help situation.

You want to detach it? That's a great move but you must consider the location of the tracker before proceeding with your plan.

If the tracker is located in anywhere around the car exterior part, you might go on with your mission.

But if it's located in a very delicate spot — somewhere connected to the car engine or any wire, it is advisable to consult the attention of a professional mechanic who will help you disconnect the tracker without damaging your vehicle.

You can also call on security agency if you feel like knowing the person responsible for the tracker.

Best GPS Tracker Detectors

Just as promised, below are two of our recommended bug detecting devices that will help you detect the presence of any malicious software — including hidden cameras, microphones and all kinds of Trackers— on your vehicle:

1. Spytec 8000MHz Wireless Signal Detector

This is one product capable of delivering a service that will impress you as it will reveal every hidden items on/in your car. It is so effective that it will unearth a device that's as small as a pin or a t-shirt button.

Its important features include Long-lasting Battery Life, high sensitivity and impressive huge frequency range which makes it very effective in covering every aspect of your car.

Other notable attributes includes 9-level Led indicator for proximity and a threshold that can be adjusted to suit your taste.

2. Spytec Anti Spy RF Detector

Here is another product from the highly-rated Spytec Company. Known for its high quality, this Anti Spy RF Detector consists of six independent channels which aid multiple frequency levels.

This security tool helps you detect six hidden devices simultaneously — a service you can hardly get from any other product.

Other loveable features of this device include Detection range of about 30feet, 10 color LED indication, Alarm system and vibration alert modes are both available for quick notification.

Its huge price tag appears to be its only shortcoming as it is not advisable for middle-class citizens.

Our Conclusion

It is important you know that some trackers might not be detected by bug sweepers unless the car stops working. This is why you are advised to explore the two available options for a better result.

Finally, Endeavor to free your car from being monitored by unknown people in order to guarantee your safety.

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