Amcrest 4G LTE GPS Tracker: Why You Should Get This Lovely Tracker

Amcrest 4G LTE GPS Tracker: Why You Should Get This Lovely Tracker

Tracking device industry won’t stop developing at a very alarming pace. The advancement in science and technology has obviously given rise to new tech companies who are well equipped with sophisticated materials capable of creating mind-blowing Trackers for mankind.

Unfortunately, the increasing Tracker-making companies have definitely opened doors to fraudster to create substandard device that won’t stand the test of the time. This is why you must take your time and make lots of enquiries before getting a tracker for yourself.

Luckily, we have gone to the market, make our survey and come up with a conclusive review of one Tracker you can’t afford to ignore whenever you are set buy yours. This is no other than the Amcrest 4G LTE GPS Tracker.

What makes this device different from others? Why do we recommend it? What is it all about? Where can you get it and what are its little shortcomings? All of these questions will be answered respectively — so, sit tight as we are set to take you on a journey to the discovery world!

What Is Amcrest 4G LTE GPS Tracker All About?

Amcrest 4G LTE GPS Tracker is a security device — manufactured by the highly-rated Amcrest Company — that gives you the unrivaled template to monitor all your valuable possessions including your family members.

The Tracker, which makes use of broad and super-fast 4G LTE network technology, is dedicated to providing you with live or real-time updates on the people or substances you want to know their present location and condition.

How Does It Work

Installing this device on vehicles and other valuable possessions is very easy and quick. However, you will need to connect the device to your Smartphone, PC or Tablet before geting a desired result.

To get this done, visit Playstore or other equivalent app stores and download the Amcrest GPS app and install it on any of the aforementioned devices.

Once that’s done, strictly follow the easy step-by-step instructions on how to connect the tracker to the installed mobile app and you will be done with it in few minutes.

At this point, you can now receive messages, ping and other forms of notifications regarding the things you are tracking.

Features Of The Highly-rated Tracker

  • It is Portable: Knowing well that most tracking activities are done covertly, Amcrest engineers were smart enough to make it in a very portable size.

This makes the device very mobile and easy to be carried all around. It will take more than a deep search for an intruder to notice the presence of this tracker in a vehicle.

  • Regular Real-Time Notifications: You are entitled to get real-time notifications about the movements made by the people or substances you value so much.

The use of the massive 4G LTE network further improves the device’s ability to serve you with quick updates on the location of the people you are monitoring. Don’t be surprised if you get automatically-generated alerts from the app every five seconds, telling you what’s happening around your valuable belongings.

You will also be notified by the the tracker if your driver speeds above the set speed limit or he inadvertently applies the brake.

  • Geo-fencing: This aspect of the tracker helps to put you in control of the things you’re tracking. With this feature, you can create at least 10 list of ‘unsafe’ locations which none of your tracked possessions must visit.

You can also create a list of ‘safe’ areas you want them to always stay. Be rest assured to receive an alert via the mobile app whenever they enter or vacate any of the two zones.

  • Strong and Long-lasting Battery: Talk of a Tracker with a very durable and elongated battery-life, this device should come to your mind. The Amcrest GPS Tracker consists of 2600 mAh battery that can last for 14 days, depending on the number of updates you receive in a day.

You should expect a fully charged battery to last for 14 days if you receive an update once in 60 seconds. The same fully-charged battery will only last for 8 days if you are updated every 30 seconds.

It is also believed that the same level of battery will last for just 5 days if you often get alert in every 15 second. Lastly, the battery is expected to spend just 3 days if you are that type of person who loves to receive updates every 5 seconds.

  • Durability: Another reason why we recommend this product is its durability. It is made with very sturdy materials, such as IPX5 Water resistant housing, which guarantee its longevity.
  • One-year Tracking History: You could forget some of the tracking(s) you made, but this tracker won’t do that until after one year. Therefore, you can quickly run back to your Smartphone or your account on their site to view all the tracking(s) made within the a year.
  • Lifetime Warranty With money-back Option: This definitely one of the most impressive features of the tracker which you might never see in other trackers.

Amcrest team of engineers is so upbeat about their products that they place a lifetime warranty on the tracker. This means you are eligible to get your money back if the tracker develops an internal fault while using it.

Your monthly subscription will also be returned back to you once your complaint is rightly confirmed to be true.


  • They offer 100% technical support through their website live chat platform.
  • Easy to use website and mobile app interface.
  • The presence of its IPX5 Water resistant housing makes it suitable for use in all kinds of weather conditions.
  • You can share your tracking history with your family via their website (using your registered account).


  • It functions ONLY in three countries — US, Canada, and Mexico.
  • It is quite expensive compared to other products.

Where To get It

Amazon remains the first e-commerce store that comes to mind due to their well-known fame. You can also get it from any of the following stores: Home Depot, Walmart, Etsy and Mercado Libre.


The security of your life and loved ones is non-negotiable and we urge you to go for quality tracker, like the Amcrest 4G LTE GPS Tracker,

Feel free to reach out to us if there are other things you wish to know about this tracker, and we will be glad to respond as soon as possible.

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