4G LTE TrackPort OBD-II Plug and Play Car GPS Tracker: review, buying guide 2022

4G LTE TrackPort OBD-II Plug and Play Car GPS Tracker: review, buying guide 2022

As we continue in our mission to helping you get the best tracker in the industry, we shift our attention to the highly rated 4G LTE Trackport plug and play car GPS tracker.

Known as one of the best trackers available in the market, this product is definitely pulling ground due to the number of customers who couldn’t help but fall in love with its features and effectiveness.

Talking of features and effectiveness, what are the characteristics that make it stand out among its peers? Why are we recommending it, from where can you get it? And why is it getting massive positive remarks from users?

Stay glued to this page as we shall be providing answers to the questions above later in the write up. But before then, let’s gets you familiar with the product by sharing some of its facts and information with you.

What Is 4G LTE TrackPort OBD-II Plug and Play Car GPS Tracker All About?

Manufactured by well-known Brickhouse Security Company, this is one tracker you will fall in love with as soon as you experience its features and mode of operations.

It is a tested and trusted device that has protected many users from being a victim of vehicle theft since its inception few years ago.

Are you thinking of how it works? We get you covered! This tracker requires you to place it in/on the vehicle/person you are interested in monitoring his or her move.

Then, you are expected to connect it to the Tracker’s mobile software— installed in your Smartphone, Tablet — in order to be aware of all information captured by the tracker itself.

Why Are We Recommending It (Features)

  • Easy Installation

This is inarguably the trackers with the easiest installation processes in the industry. It doesn’t require long steps neither does it need a professional installer.

You can do it yourself because this GPS Tracker only requires you to plug it to the OBD-II port beneath the dashboard of your car. It is as simple as that!

  • Geofencing

Create a ‘safe’ zone and a dangerous zone for your vehicle using this aspect of the tracker — and you will be alerted whenever your vehicle gets into any of the two categories of places.

  • Awesome Alert System

Get non-stop alert notifications telling you the latest moves made by the vehicle you are monitoring.

This tracker doesn’t waste time before notifying you of the latest developments; instead, it will send real-time messages (alert) straight to your phone or email address as events unfold.

What this means is that you will be on top of your spying mission as long as your monthly plan remains active. With this feature, you can be sure to track thieves as you will get constant info (every 60 seconds) about your vehicle’s whereabouts.

That’s not all; the device impressive alert system also ensures that your attention is called to any suspicious move made by your driver or anyone you love.

Is your driver moving at a very high speed? Did he just apply the brake in an unruly manner? Has your children gotten themselves in an unfamiliar location? All of this information will be sent across to you via the 4G LTE Trackport OBD-II GPS tracker as soon as they occur.

  • Monthly Plan Can Be Discontinued At Any Time

You are not mandated to remain subscribed to a plan for a whole month. You are permitted to cancel your plan at any time which means you won’t be forced to continue using the tracker.

  • Attractive Design

Its eye-catching design is another admiring feature that many users can’t stop praising. Though a tracker is expected to be placed in a much hidden spot, the fact that this device looks attractive makes it more pleasing to the eyes.

  • No Battery

The 4G LTE Trackport plug and play car GPS tracker belongs to the category of few trackers that do not require battery to function. It comes without battery; therefore, all battery-related problems have been sorted out once and for all.

But how does it function without battery? You are required to plug the device in your vehicle’s OBD-II port behind your dashboard and that’s all. Ignite your vehicle and the tracker will be switched on automatically.

  • Fleet Tracking Is Supported

Fleet Tracking is a feature that gives you the opportunity to monitor multiple vehicles using one account. This simply means you can get reports on two or more cars via just an installed application or account.


  • It provides top security for your car
  • It saves route and tracking history
  • It is durable.


  • It only works with vehicles
  • It can only function whenever your vehicle is working due to its battery-less feature.
  • It functions effectively in only three North American countries, including USA, Mexico and Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions About The 4G LTE Trackport Plug and Play Car GPS Tracker

Having gone through Amazon’s review about the product, we found out some of the things most people want to know about this product.

Meanwhile, we have come up with three most asked questions which we believe will give you more understanding about the products and why you should give it a try.

Do Users Need to Buy a New Sim Card Before Using the Tracker?

Not really! It comes with a pre-installed sim card that can be used by the tracker.

Will It Function If Disconnected From Vehicle’s OBD Port?

It won’t function if disconnected from the OBD port, reason being that it has no battery of its own. It solely relies on the port for power.

Does it function in other parts of the world apart from North America?

No, it’s developed to work in some North America countries only.


You shouldn’t be told that your children’s driving attitude must be closely monitored — especially if they are only getting to know how to drive. The 4G LTE Trackport plug and play car GPS tracker is no doubt the best device for such mission.

Are you thinking of where to get it? It is readily available on Amazon. Etsy, and konga are some other online stores where you can get yours at a very affordable price.

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